BagBath® 48 stk.

BagBath® 48 pcs. can be used for incontinence care, personal hygiene, cleansing around stoma, when changing diapers etc.

Our skin changes with age.

As we get older, our skin becomes thinner and weaker and produces fewer cells to bind water.

The water content of our skin decreases and as a result, the skin has less elasticity and becomes more dry. Scratches, cuts, or bruises will heal at a slower rate. This means that as we age, our skin is more prone to sustain injuries.

You should protect you and your relatives’ skin as well as possible.


Helps achieve healthier skin – dermatologically tested

BagBath® 48 pcs. cleansing wipes cleanse, restore and protect even the most delicate skin. Their mild and unique ingredients make them a perfect and gentle alternative to water and soap.

BagBath® 48 pcs. can be used for incontinence care, cleansing around stoma, when changing diapers or general personal hygiene.

BagBath® is dermatologically tested and does not contain any soap, perfume, alcohol, parabens, or lotion.

There is no need to rinse or dry the skin after using BagBath® cleansing wipes.

No lotion necessary

BagBath contains both E-vitamin and vitamin B5, which softens and moistens the skin. This eliminates the need for extra moisturizing lotion.


The prevention of IAD benefits patients, relatives and caregivers. In order to prevent AID from moving into more critical stages, it is recommended to keep the skin healthy, the acid mantle intact and wash the skin by softly wiping.

To prevent IAD from developing into more critical stages, it is recommended to keep the skin healthy, the acid mantle intact and washing the skin by gently wiping. Softly clean the skin without using water, soap or drying the skin with a towel as it can damage the skin. Apodan recommends rinse-free cleaning methods such as BagBath® cleansing wipes or BagBath® wash gloves. If the damage has already been done, it is recommended to apply a protecting barrier lotion after using BagBath® in order to give the skin time to heal again.

Incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD)

Incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD) is a condition caused by the skin being exposed to urine and/or faeces.
There are a number of factors which can contribute to the potential risk of developing IAD. For example:

  • Inadequate cleaning of the skin
  • The use of wrong skin care products
  • Washing with harsh wash cloths and towels and the use of water and soap.
  • Enclosed skin (non-breathable diapers) or too infrequently changing diapers.

The condition is highly uncomfortable and can lead to insomnia and a reduced quality of life.

What are the symptoms of urinary incontinence?

Involuntary urination first and foremost occurs in situations where the pressure in the stomach increases. These are instances such as when sneezing, coughing or laughing (stress incontinence). Others suddenly get the urge to let go of the water right here and now (urge-incontinence). Many people wrongly assume that problems with holding in urine is a natural phenomenon caused by age and that incontinence cannot be treated. However, it is important to see your doctor if you suffer from involuntary urination as there can be several reasons.

Incontinence (for example in relation to chronic diseases) can lead to incontinence associated dermatitis.

The wipe is made out of a strong but soft and skin-friendly material. This makes it especially suitable for irritated and sensitive skin.

BagBath® contains a number of few, but unique, skin-strengthening ingredients. It is the combination of these ingredients which ensures that the skin’s important acid mantle is not broken down.

Furthermore, the fact that BagBath® contains F-68 has led to many healthcare professionals also using BagBath® to cleanse the fragile skin around wounds – right up to the edge of the wound.

The design of the package makes it hygienic and easy to handle.

Durability: Unopened – 3 years, opened – 24 hours.

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