Bagbath® Glove

BagBath® Glove is a wash glove developed as a tool for rehabilitation and has the same high quality as the BagBath® wipe. The easy use enables the individual to perform personal hygiene with little to no help, and without the use of soap and water.

BagBath® Glove is a wash glove developed as a tool for rehabilitation and has the same high quality as the BagBath® wipe. The easy use enables the individual to perform personal hygiene with little to no help, and without the use of soap and water.

Because we live longer in today’s society, a strong acid mantle to protect our skin is of crucial importance. An improved skin quality results in fewer infections and a higher quality of life.

The wash gloves contain a balanced soap-free composition of skin strengthening ingredients which are tailored to the skin’s pH-value.

“Besides being an invaluable help in patient care itself in connection with regular hygiene and patients with frequent bowel movements, I have used the cloths for other tasks at great success. BagBath has also been very helpful with patients who have undergone reservoir operations, meaning that they will have chronic diarrhea about 5-6 times a day.
The use of BagBath after using the toilet spares the skin amazingly well. I.e. the use of miscellaneous protective cremes can, in some instances, be avoided.
Moreover, it also benefits patients struggling with incontinence who need to build up their skin barrier. ”
– Stoma nurse, Region Midt, Denmark

BagBath® Glove ingredients

1 carton BagBath® Glove contains 30 packs of 8 wash gloves.

  • Provitamin B5 (dexpanthenol) promotes the skin’s ability to regenerate. It enhances the natural cell activity, so the skin heals quickly – this reduces the risk of incontinence associated dermatitis.
  • F68, an FDA-approved surfactant, is used to reduce the surface tension of water in order to be able to cleanse the skin gently. F68 cleanses without destroying the acid mantle of the skin.
  • E-Vitamin, Tocopherol. Alfa-tocopherol is the most potent form of vitamin E.

BagBath® contains Alpha-tocopherol which functions as a powerful antioxidant. Its foremost role in your body is protecting cell membrane phospholipids from free radical damage. Free radicals can interact with oxygen and destroy cells. E-vitamin helps with wound healing.


Incontinence associated dermatitis

Incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD) is a condition caused by the skin being exposed to urine and/or faeces.
There are a number of factors which can contribute to the potential risk of developing IAD. For example:

  • Inadequate cleaning of the skin
  • The use of wrong skin care products
  • Washing with harsh wash cloths and towels and the use of water and soap.
  • Enclosed skin (non-breathable diapers) or too infrequently changing diapers.

The condition is highly uncomfortable and can lead to insomnia and a reduced quality of life.

BagBath® maintains the skin’s natural acid mantle and contains few, but unique, ingredients which help restore the skin. It is the combination of these ingredients which ensures that the important acid mantle isn’t destroyed.

Because we live longer than ever before, it is natural to have more elderly citizens in need of help in their daily life.

In Denmark, 15% of the elderly above 65 years recieve personal care and practical help and are potential users daily rehabilitation.

A self-reliant, independent life is the goal for most people, but occasionally our abilities or resources fail and in this case different rehabilitation aids can help ease the daily life.

Citizens who are dependent to a lesser extent

BagBath® Glove is a wash glove based on the principle “help top self-help” – and focusing on your own resources.
The wash glove makes it possible to perform your own personal hygiene or participate with the nursing staff.
This enables the user to have a more self-reliant daily life.

The purpose of rehabilitation is to provide active support in order to achieve the best life.

Citizens who are dependent to a high extent

In this case the wash gloves can be used as a tool in the daily rehabilitation.

Apodan acknowledges the human dignity in performing personal hygiene.
Therefore we recommend that the individual, to the furthest extent possible, performs their own personal care in private areas. The nursing staff can assist in bathing the individual to the necessary extent.


The BagBath® system consists of a resealable bag with 8 quality wash gloves. The 8 wash gloves are tailored to the 8 parts of the body – one glove for each area. Heat the bag in a microwave for 15-20 seconds, but make sure not to overheat it. If the patient is not ready for the bed bath at the moment, the bag can be kept warm under their pillow, duvet or in a cloth. A heated BagBath® provides the patient with the feeling of a warm shower.

After using the wash glove, it is thrown away. This means that a bed bath with BagBath® is both hygienic and easy to perform.

In order to avoid cross contamination, the individual bag is meant to be used as one bath for one person.


One glove for every part of the body. When washing the entire body, the gloves should be used in the following order.

  1. Face, neck and chest
  2. Right arm and armpit
  3. Left arm and armpit
  4. Front of personal areas
  5. Right leg
  6. Left leg
  7. Back
  8. Back of personal areas



item no.Gloves / packPacks / carton
0212818 pcs. BagBath® 30

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