Epicite Hydro

Epicite hydro is an innovative biomaterial made of biotechnologically generated cellulose made from sugar. With water content of at least 95% water, it provides skin with water and supports long-term dermal dehydration.

epicitehydro is an innovative hydro active wound dressing for advanced wound care management as part of the treatment of burns or skin graft donor sites. It has an exceptionally high water content of approx. 95%  and creates a superior moist wound environment.

Apodan is the distributor for epicite hydro in Denmark.
For information in Danish please visit our Danish website or contact our Customer Service.

For more information about epicite hydro outside Denmark – please contact:  https://www.qrskin.com/home.html


  • Provides a healing-promoting moist environment of hydro balance and water vapor permeability;
  • Permeable for air and liquids;
  • Achieves a cooling effect due to evaporation;
  • Capability to absorb wound exudates;
  • Easy to handle, non-adhesive, tear resistant, shapeable and flexible size, soft, semitransparent;
  • In a hydrated stage, the soft surface of epicite prevents a sticking to the wound and supports removal;
  • Provides protection against invasion of pathogens;
  • epicite can be soaked and equillibrated with antiseptic solutions.

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