BodyWash® Pro

BodyWash® PRO is a professional product for bed baths and personal care which has been developed for the health sector with the purpose of ensuring an efficient, yet gentle cleanse and care for the face and body.

BodyWash® PRO is a system of bathing which replaces the traditional bed bath consisting of water and soap. BodyWash® enables the individual to get their body washed without the use of water, soap, wash cloths and towels.
A person who can’t move well or who can’t move at all might need a bed bath.
It can be short-term trouble with self-care due to recovering from an illness or a surgery, or a long-term inability to move.
With BodyWash® PRO, you are able to give a full bath in bed without getting the bed sheets wet.

BodyWash® does not contain soap, perfume, lotion or parabens.


  • Rayon/Polyester – Comfort and softness
  • Aqua – Purified non-ionic water
  • Propylen Glycol – Moisturizes and softens the skin
  • PEG-40  – Cleaning the skin
  • Citric Acid – Adjust the PH value
  • Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate – Mild preservatives
  • PH-værdi – between 4,5 og 5,5

Product details

  • Manufactured in clean room environment
  • Batch controlled to secure traceability
  • Tested of sponge and bacteria on each batch on external
    laboratory after European Pharmacopoeia categori 2
  • Nordic Swan certified
  • Each pouch having seal guaranty
  • 3 years of durability – 24 hours once opened
  • Barrier foil secures limited moisture-loss
  • Storage: Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight


The very few and gentle nonionic ingredients ensure that the skin’s acid mantle is retained and reduce the risk of the skin drying out and the subsequent damage that may follow.
BodyWash® Pro is Nordic Swan certified (Svanemærket). The Nordic Ecolabel trademark is a guarantee that products have fulfilled stringent environmental and climate criteria. The Nordic Ecolabel symbolizes our work towards a sustainable consumerism and production, which are key factors in achieving a sustainable society.

The bags can be heated or cooled down before use. May not be overheated.


  • 4 pcs – for light washing
  • 8 pcs – the complete bed bath


One cloth for each bodypart.
When washing the whole body, the wipes are used following the direction below.

  1. The face, neck and chest
  2. Right arm and armpit
  3. Left arm and armpit
  4. Perineal area, front
  5. Right leg
  6. Left leg
  7. Back
  8. Perineal area, back


item no.item NameWipe sizeWipes / PackPacks / Carton
021438BodyWash® PRO 8 stk.20 x 28 cm824
021434BodyWash® PRO 4 stk.20 x 28 cm450

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