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COVID-19 Antigen Test

In the autumn of 2020, Apodan will introduce a new corona quick test. A diagnostic test that shows if you have COVID-19, in just 15 minutes.


Read more about the antigen test here.

COVID-19 Antibody Test

This antibody quick test detects the presence of protective antibodies against COVID-19, and reveals if you have had coronavirus. The test gives a result within 10 minutes.


Read more about the antibody test here.


Apodan A/S has chosen this product due to its superb quality and supply reliability from the Biosynex S/A facility in Strasbourg, France.


In the United Kingdom Apodan A/S is represented by Peter J Hamlyn MB BS, BSc, MD, FRCS, FISM PH@apodan.dk and Alan A Jordan DC, MSc, PhD, FBCA AJ@apodan.dk.

Our Core Story

Apodan is a purpose-driven Danish company that develops and sells products to healthcare professionals and patients in the Danish and international health sector.

The idea of making a difference drives us, and we are making an effort to contribute to a real improvement in our user's health and quality of life.

It may sound like pure philanthropy, but nearly 60 years in the industry have shown us that it is, fortunately, an excellent business for both producer, citizen and society to invest in improved health.