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Curea Highly absorbent wound dressings

Curea P products with the SuperCore® highly absorbent core offer phased and personalized solutions for improved treatment results, even in the case of problematic wounds.


Apodan is the distributor of Curea products in Denmark.

For information in Danish please visit our Danish website or contact our Customer Service.

For more information about Curea outside Denmark - please contact:  https://curea.com


Curea P1

The Curea P1 wound dressing is specially tailored for application during the exudation phase. Thanks to its excellent absorbent capacity, Curea P1 even cleanses wounds exhibiting severe exudation and creates the optimum balanced wound climate. This results in a longer resting period for the wound, helping to support the body's own wound healing powers.

Curea P2

The Curea P2 wound dressing possesses the optimum absorption capacity for the granulation phase, as well as a three-dimensional wound side surface with special capillary structures which prevent adhesion to the wound.

Curea Clean

The Curea Clean is a non-sterile dressing which is used as a secondary dressing for moderate to heavily exuding wounds at all stages.

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