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Heka fix Shirts for fixation

Heka Fix Comfort for the fixation of wound dressings.

Heka Fix help to fix the bandages softly and gently. Patients with complex wounds on the upper body often have to cope with prolonged wound healing, but it is not everyone who can tolerate adhesive bandages, films, etc. on their sensitive skin.

HEKA fix encloses the entire upper body, ensuring a secure, firm but gentle fixation of all dressings.


Apodan can help you with HEKA Fix in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

For information in Danish please visit our Danish website or contact our Customer Service.

How does Heka Fix work?

Having to use your creative skills to secure dressings applying tubular bandages or fixation pants is now a thing of the past, thanks to the comfortable Heka Fix Comfort shirt.

The Heka Fix Comfort shirt offers natural comfort as it is made of bamboo yarn. Bamboo garments are comfortable, soft, quick-drying, and cooling. Bamboo is a high-grade, naturally breathable fiber. Bamboo textiles have excellent ventilating properties. Most importantly, the bamboo fibers have an extremely absorbent structure, which allows the tissue to absorb moisture and transpiration more easily and faster than other fabrics. Due to this, the shirt does not cling to the skin in case of high temperatures.

The seams of the shirt have been specifically finished on the outside to prevent irritation of the skin. The neckline is nicely finished in a rounded shape that allows it to be worn discretely and without any problems under everyday clothing.


Fixation of various wound dressings on the upper body in cases of complex wounds, such as oncology wounds, post-operative wounds or burns.


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