How to use BagBath® ?

The BagBath® system consists of a re-sealable bag with 8 thick and good quality cleansing wipes, which contains skin-friendly ingredients.

The 8 wipes are meant for 8 body parts – one wipe for each part.

The bag can be heated in a microwave for about 45 sec. (don’t overheat), and is now ready for use. If the patient isn’t immediately ready for the bed bath it can be held warm under the pillow or in a blanket.

When BagBath® is heated it gives the patient the feeling of a hot shower.

The patient is washed according to the guideline on the bag – as seen on the illustration.

After using a wipe it can be thrown away, making a bed bath with BagBath® both hygienic and easy.

BagBath® is both a time- and money saver, without compromising the quality. To avoid cross-contamination one bag is meant for one patient/user.

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