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Effectively disinfects against e.g. multi-resistant bacteria, MRSA, E-Coli, Myco and most vira, including Norovirus.

Cleaning and disinfection in one wipe – or disinfection with pure Ethanol. ApoWIPE Ethanol Surface Cleaning & Disinfection and ApoWIPE Ethanol 80% Disinfection are both suitable for areas with frequent hand contact, equipment around the patient, sanitary equipment, beds, computers and keyboards which can withstand ethanol.

Use on a clean and dry surface. The surface should be wiped with the wipe to the extent that the surface is moist for at least one minute.

One wipe can disinfect 1-2 square metres.

The product can last for 2 years unopened and 32 days after it has been opened – always close the packaging after use.

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