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Skin care & cleaning

Hygiene-related problems and challenges are a daily task in almost all sectors and industries in Denmark. Reports and studies show, unfortunately, that we do not use all the knowledge we have, why poor hygiene is estimated lead to more than 3,000 Danes losing their lives each year, causing well over one million sick days, and an overall cost to society of billions.

We want to change this - so we can improve health and quality of life through prevention and good hygienic practice.


Our skin-friendly BagBath® Chlorhexidine 2% contains the unique formula from BagBath®, The Original Bed Bath System, combined with Chlorhexidine Gluconate which reduces the number of harmful bacteria on the skin. Chlorhexidine Gluconate forms a protective layer on the skin after usage, since it binds with the Stratum Corneum, the outer layer of the skin, and continues to be active for at least 6 hours after application.

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BagBath® 48 pcs. can be used for incontinence care, personal hygiene, cleansing around stoma, when changing diapers etc.

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The unique - the first Since 1998 BagBath® has been the most used bed bath system in Danish hospitals for washing and grooming of immobile patients or patients with special needs. BagBath® is one of the most thoroughly tested bed bath products on the market and has had several years of studies.

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BagBath® Glove is a wash glove developed as a tool for rehabilitation and has the same high quality as the BagBath® wipe. The easy use enables the individual to perform personal hygiene with little to no help, and without the use of soap and water.

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BagBath HairCare is an easy, efficient and hygienic solution for bedridden patients, among others. BagBath BodyCare is a gentle alternative to water and soap. Especially suited for delicate and sensitive skin.

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DKK 325.00

BodyWash® PRO is a professional product for bed baths and personal care which has been developed for the health sector with the purpose of ensuring an efficient, yet gentle cleanse and care for the face and body.

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