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COVID-19 Antibody test Quick test for detection of protective antibodies against COVID-19

Apodan A/S has recently established a cooperative venture with Biosynex SA to introduce their new 10-minute COVID-19 finger prick antibody test of the accuracy of which matches formal laboratory blood testing. A French publicly listed company we are launching their newly developed antibody test called BIOSYNEX COVID-19 BSS (IgG/IgM). It provides unrivalled accuracy as well as the independent detection of both IgM and IgG and thus provides an accurate and complete test of immunity. It does this with a simple finger prick, in a test that can potentially be self-administered by the patient, and which reads out in just 10 minutes. No needles, syringes, specialists, hospitals, laboratories, queues, follow-up visits or days spent waiting for the reports are required.


This COVID-19 antibody test demonstrates uniquely high sensitivity and specificity – no uncertain test results. The antibody test has undergone thorough validation at leading international institutes, including the renowned Pasteur Institute. There are no products like it on the market and it compares favourably with any full-blown blood test. Yet, results is available in 10 minutes!


Apodan A/S has chosen this product due to its superb quality and supply reliability from the Biosynex S/A facility in Strasbourg, France.


The tests are easily carried out by a pharmacist, nurse or GP. A self-test will be available very soon.


We are the first company to bring reliable testing to communities, companies and families alike.


In the United Kingdom Apodan A/S is represented by Peter J Hamlyn MB BS, BSc, MD, FRCS, FISM PH@apodan.dk and Alan A Jordan DC, MSc, PhD, FBCA AJ@apodan.dk.

Antibody Test

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Quick results

Results are available in 10 minutes

High precision

Sensitivity of 99% after 15 days

Easy to use

A single drop of blood from a finger prick test

High quality

  • The test is uniquely able to reveal IgG and IgM antibodies with a specificity approaching 100% 15 days after symptom debut.


  • The test is also appropriate for individuals that have experienced few or no symptoms of COVID-19.


  • The test cannot show false positive for COVID-19


  • The test is CE-approved and evaluated on more than 1000 patients.


The Guardian has summarised an interesting French study: “Study raises hope for immunity even for those without even for those without severe symptoms”.

The Guardian 27/5/2020


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