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Who are we?

Our core story

Apodan is a purpose-driven Danish company that develops and sells products to healthcare professionals and patients in the Danish and international health sector.


The idea of making a difference drives us, and we are making an effort to contribute to a real improvement in our user's health and quality of life.


It may sound like pure philanthropy, but nearly 60 years in the industry have shown us that it is, fortunately, an excellent business for both producer, citizen and society to invest in improved health.

“Focus on human beings and excellence”

Who is Apodan?

Apodan A/S is a Danish company that has developed and led medical devices to the market for over 60 years. In addition to the Danish market, Apodan A/S provides goods in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the USA and Brazil.

Apodan A/S has extensive experience in bringing high-quality products to the market, both to hospitals, pharmacies and local healthcare providers.

We have specialized knowhow within the Scandinavian welfare and healthcare models, with a high degree of publicly funded healthcare. Apodan A/S is certified within DS/EN ISO 13485 and MDR compliant.

Business areas

Apodan A/S has four primary areas of business; Hygiene products "on and around" the patient, specialized wound care products, compression systems and diagnostic equipment. Apodan's own hygiene products consists of unique wipes for patients and surfaces.


Apodan A/S is a purpose-driven company. We are motivated by the idea of ​​making a difference. We make an effort contributing to a real improvement in our users' health and quality of life.

We value finding the right solutions, always with the customer in mind and with high degree of flexibility – never compromising quality. We are humble to our responsibility as a supplier to the healthcare sector, and we value high business and partnership ethics.


Apodan A/S has 12 dedicated employees. We are experts in our respective fields; Nurses, Engineers, Master of Laws, Marketing and much more. We are "healthcare nerds" with the urge to make a difference providing quality service to our customers and one another.