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Transafix Fastening system

Fixation of catheters, drainage, or wound dressings - Apodan can help you out. The products are easy and quick to use.


Apodan is the distributor of Transafix products in Denmark.


For information in Danish please visit our Danish website or contact our Customer Service.


For more information about Transafix outside Denmark - please contact:  https://transatlantic.de

Transafix fastening system

The Transafix fastening system serves for the practical fixing of endotracheal tubes and nasal catheters. They allow a fast, simple, and secure fixing of the Velcro strap to the cheek plates. In addition, they allow the repositioning of the tube during the intubation. Through this, the fastening system is especially suitable for longer-term fixing, as well as for nasal intubation.

Transafix fastening strips

The Transafix fastening strips Are used for longer-term and secure fastening of probes, catheters, tubes, and drainage systems. The secure universal fastening system is especially well tolerated by the skin. In addition, the clinic personnel benefits from the simple handling. To ensure secure fastening for different lumina and different areas of the body. Transafix fastening strips are available in three sizes.