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4 chamber compression Compression system

Lympha Press PCD-51 is part of Apodan's range of sequential compression systems.
It is designed for optimal reduction and control of peripheral edema, such as venous edema with/without wounds, relief of varicose veins, relief of muscular pain, relief of nerve pain, and relief of discomfort caused by tired legs.


ApodanNordic is the distributor for LymphaPress in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. 
Please contact Pernille Krogh Ph:+45 21 25 31 95 or our customer service for further information.


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Advantages of using Phlebo Press

  • Quiet and safe when in use
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can hang on the bed headboard
  • The sleeves are made for arms and legs

How does Phlebo Press work?

  • Variable pressure setting from 30-80 mmHg
  • Variable pause time 10-70 sec.
  • Bilateral application as needed
  • 4 overlapping air pockets in each sleeve ensure compression in the distal to proximal direction without gaps
  • Colour coding and numbering of tubes and receiving valves ensure ease of use