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Wound care

Wound care has been around as long as humans have existed and is one of the oldest medical practices. The purpose of wound care is to minimize the risk of infection and scarring. Apodan Nordic A/S has in recent years introduced several unique wound care products. These types of wound dressings, live up to the standards that professional practitioners demand.


PolyMem® is a sterile multifunctional wound dressing designed especially to actively stimulate wound healing and reduce pain in wounds.

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ApoCure is a hydrogel wound dressing indicated for treating low to moderately exuding wounds. Apocure Hydrogel wound dressing contains approximately 30% water, while the remaining 70% is composed of an absorbent polymer. The top surface is a waterproof polyurethane film, which makes it water and bacteria-proof. Contains no preservatives or cellulose - only highly absorbent polymers.

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Spycra Protect is a soft, one-sided silicone adhesive dressing. Spycra Protect is a bi-elastic dressing; elastic in both directions.

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epicite hydro is an innovative biomaterial made of biotechnologically generated cellulose made from sugar. With water content of at least 95% water, it provides skin with water and supports long-term dermal dehydration.

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Curea P products with the SuperCore® highly absorbent core offer phased and personalized solutions for improved treatment results, even in the case of problematic wounds.

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Fixation of catheters, drainage, or wound dressings - ApodanNordic can help you out. The products are easy and quick to use.

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Heka Fix Comfort for the fixation of wound dressings. Heka Fix help to fix the bandages softly and gently. Patients with complex wounds on the upper body often have to cope with prolonged wound healing, but it is not everyone who can tolerate adhesive bandages, films, etc. on their sensitive skin. HEKA fix encloses the entire upper body, ensuring a secure, firm but gentle fixation of all dressings.

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Skinnies have developed a range of Therapeutic Clothing Products that help aid recovery from Eczema, Psoriasis and other skin conditions.

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Lympha Press PCD-51 is part of Apodan's range of sequential compression systems. It is designed for optimal reduction and control of peripheral edema, such as venous edema with/without wounds, relief of varicose veins, relief of muscular pain, relief of nerve pain, and relief of discomfort caused by tired legs.

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