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ApoWIPE Surface Cleaning Cleansing wipes

ApoWIPE Surface Cleaning is a professional product for a general cleaning of all surfaces that can withstand water. It is developed for and with the healthcare sector with the purpose of achieving a gentle, yet effective cleaning.



Effectively removes bacteria - tests have shown that ApoWIPE reduces about 10 times as many test organisms as regular wet cloths.

The purpose of cleaning is removing dust, dirt and microorganisms in order to prevent the propagation of microorganisms. In many situations, cleaning without subsequently disinfecting is sufficient. 

ApoWIPE Surface Cleaning is for regular cleaning and cleaning prior to disinfecting. 

The product can last for 2 years unopened and 32 days after it has been opened - always close the packaging after use. 


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Item Item name Size of wipe Wipes / pack Packs / carton
021821 ApoWipe Surface Cleaning, Regular 30 x 22 cm 32 12
021826 ApoWipe Surface Cleaning, Large 42 x 30 cm 24 6