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ApoCure Hand Disinfection Pocket-sized

New, pocket-sized hand sanitizer with ethanol - with easy and hygienic application. 

Hand hygiene is important in many situations in our everyday lives; at home, at daycare facilities, at schools, at work, in the food industry or in the healthcare sector. 

Good hand hygiene reduces the risk of transferring bacteria and vira.

In these situations, ApoCure Handdisinfection is an effective remedy in the fight against bad hand hygiene. 


It is easy and hygienic to use ApoCure as it can be applied with one hand. Combine practical application and dispensation in all circumstances. 

ApoCure hand disinfection dispenses the contents in an easy and hygiencic manner, eliminating the risk of spills or contaminating the product. 

ApoCure hand disinfection with ethanol contains 3 ml. A skincare product has been added to the disinfectant, ensuring that your skin remains soft and moisturized. 

SSI reccomends using no less than 3 ml. of product when disinfecting your hands with ethanol. 


Campaign - why focus on hand hygiene?

Every tenth patient contracts an infection in corrolation with recieving treatment at a hospital.

Contamination through the staff's hands is the most usual way of transferring bacteria between patients. Preventing hospital infections can reduce the hospitals' use of broad spectrum antibiotics and thus reduce the development of resistant bacteria.

Thorough hand hygiene is the most important, cheap and well-documented single way to reduce the risk of contamination and preventing infections contracted at hospitals. 

Region Hovedstaden used, among other things, this hand disinfection campaign model to bring awareness to the importance of thorough hand hygiene. 


ApoCure - IFU

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Item nr.  ml. / sachet Sachets / box
021510 3 ml 200