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Pancover Pull-on bags

Pancover bedpan bags is a Danish patented product developed by nurse Sonja Juel Hansen. The handy pull-on bags are available for any type of bedpan. Pancover is simple to mount and fits steadily while being used and emptied.

A special double-sealing tape keeps Pancover in its place on the bedpan.
The adhesiveness has been adjusted so that nothing sticks or breaks during dismounting. When the bag is removed the closing is self-sealing by virtue of the tape which secures the best possible hygiene.


Many people have to use a bedpan every day, either in a care institution or at home. Here, Pancover can offer a number of hygienic advantages, because the emptying of the pan can be done in the nearest toilet - and the bag can immediately be removed and disposed of.

Consequently, care personnel obtains an effective protection against inconveniences when the bedpan is emptied and cleaned. Also, the environment is protected to a high degree against the dangers of infection and unpleasantness as the transporting of filled bedpans past other patients, dinner trolleys and other sensitive areas on their way to flushing rooms and pan boilers, is avoided.

In private homes, the cleaning of pan stools from the bedpan and waste buckets, among other things, can be difficult. Unfortunately, the kitchen sink is sometimes used as a last resort, but with Pancover, dangers of infection and other risks are effectively removed. The bags are made from pure polyethylene and they are impenetrable to micro-organisms so that absolutely no residues are left in the bedpan after use.



The Pancover bags are environmentally neutral: Pure polyethylene ends after combustion as water and carbon dioxide to nature's cycle.
• the bag material is environmentally neutral in connection with combustion
• electricity, water, and chemicals can be saved


With respect to economic considerations, using Pancover bags is advantageous - saving on water, energy and detergents. At the same time, a reduced need for cleaning/boiling means a longer lifetime for the bedpan. As the price per bag is so favorable, Pancover can be used every time. Finally, there is the saving of time which can be used towards better care for the patient.

• the cost in connection with stools are reduced
• the time consumption per stool decreases



Who will benefit from using Pancover ?
The improved hygiene makes the use of Pancover evident within the home care environment where the wish to let people stay in their own home as long as possible makes heavy demands.

Increased security and safety are equally important arguments when choosing Pancover for nursing homes, hospices and for the family care of relatives. Relief organizations, stationed in the depressed areas of the world, can also work efficiently without disregarding the demands of maximum hygiene.

Pancover models

With Pancover the bedpan gets a more comfortable temperature and surface. At the same time, the hygienic function of the bag provides psychical advantages in the daily care. Care personnel, as mentioned above, can also look forward to a better working environment with fewer unpleasant situations.

• the user avoids unpleasant contact with a cold bedpan
• fewer allergy problems as strong detergents are avoided
• transport over long distances with a used bedpan is avoided
• noise from bedpan boiler, for instance at night, is avoided
• no cleaning problems in private homes