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BagBath 48 pcs. Wipes for children

It’s important to care for the child’s skin.
Especially in the area around the diaper where the skin is exposed to moist and acid regularly from urine and feces and gets red and irritable easily. It can generate a foundation for bacteria and even more irritation and the best you can do in order to prevent diaper rash is to keep the baby’s skin around the diaper area as clean as possible.

0% perfume or plant extracts

BagBath does NOT contain perfume or plant extracts, as they are related to a risk of contracting allergies. Babies can also develop perfume allergy for the rest of their lives. The risk of contracting allergies increases if the child gets exposed to perfume.
With that in mind, BagBath is specially developed with a mild formulation and is dermatologically tested.


BagBath is the perfect product for you and your child

  • Gently cleanses your baby’s skin and maintain the acid mantle
  • Produced for delicate skin
  • 0% perfume, 0% plant extracts, 0% soap
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Ideal for baby buttocs

How to prevent diaper rash?

  • Keep the skin dry by regularly changing diapers
  • Avoid foam washcloths. They can be experienced as very rough against delicate and irritated skin
  • Clean and dry the skin gently when changing diapers. For example, with the use of BagBath 48 pcs.
  • Always wash the diaper area in the movement front to back
  • Let the child be left without a diaper afterwards. Air drying is healthy.
  • Don’t let the diaper be too tight – possibly, start using a bigger size
  • If the damage is done, you can use skin treatment products when changing diapers to protect the skin against even more irritation caused by urine and feces

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021248 BagBath® 48 pcs. 48 pcs. 9 pcs.