Vi holder lukket mellem jul og Nytår. Bemærk venligst at varer først bliver sendt afsted i det nye år.

Sustainable guidelines

At Apodan A/S our focus on human beings and excellence, we are driven by making a difference. This mindset goes well in hand with sustainability and looking out for each other and our planet.

The foundation for change lies in everyday behavior. What we do every day; the decisions we take and the dialogues we have with our customers and partners.

Therefore, we have formulated three guidelines:

We seek dialog and take responsibility

We think twice and make the sustainable choice

We think of the future generations

Social responsibility

Apodan A/S takes a social responsibility. In cooperation with local municipalities Apodan A/S also hires employees with special needs. Each year Apodan A/S supports charity, e.g. Danish Hospital Clowns. This year we also support the Danish Cancer Society and 'Danmarks Indsamlingen'.

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