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Our Green Goals

Apodan A/S wants to contribute to a more sustainable future within the medico sector, through innovative healthcare products of high quality, through sustainable packaging and a responsible handling of the supply chain, which ensures a sustainable value chain.

We have formulated four goals to target our efforts towards a more sustainable future:

We reduce our CO2 footprint

We will reduce our CO2 footprint by changing our car package to hybrid/electric cars. We are aware that the difference we make in our company can be multiplied if we look at the CO2 footprint of our manufacturers and partners, because of their size. That is why we actively assess our supply chain to make sure that our partners takes responsibility for their CO2 emissions.

We minimize waste

Apodan A/S has through the last years optimized our production and purchase to secure minimum waste.

The few products that expire are used at exhibitions and as samples. Anyway, Apodan A/S would like to strengthen the focus on waste and waste sorting, to make sure that as few products as possible go to waste.

We secure sustainable packaging of our products

We want to use environmentally certified packaging and cartonnage at our local warehouse. At our local warehouse we pack in the smallest possible boxes and use environmentally friendly filling to fill the boxes. We print a minimum amount of packing slips, delivery notes, etc.

We buy sustainable office supplies

By demanding sustainable products and create awareness of our own spendings, Apodan wishes to become 100% sustainable in this area.

Apodan A/S cooperates with a printing house that prints in sustainable FSC®, ECF and European Ecolabel certified paper. Apodan A/S buys sustainable and certified paper and merchandise for conferences and exhibitions.