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CSR Policy

Making a difference

Apodan A/S has developed and led medical devices to healthcare professionals and patients in the Danish and international health care sector for over 20 years.

We see the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a good framework for our continued efforts toward a sustainable and socially responsible business operation.

Quality and responsibility goes hand in hand

Apodan A/S wants to contribute to a more sustainable future within the medical sector, through innovative healthcare products of high quality, through sustainable packaging and a responsible handling of our supply chain, which ensures a sustainable value chain.


Apodan is quality certified by DS/EN ISO 13485

Sustainability in everything we do

The foundation lies in everyday behaviour. At Apodan A/S we take sustainability into consideration in everything we do, who we cooperate with and in the daily choices we make. Apodan A/S buys sustainable office supplies, poses environmental requirements for packaging, reduces waste, focuses on reduced CO2 emissions and takes a social responsibility.


Read about our four goals here.