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Contact information

Apodan A/S
Lyngsoe Alle 3A, Bldg. 16
DK-2970 Hoersholm

Telephone: +45 32 97 15 25
E-mail:       info@apodan.dk


Opening hours

Weekdays from 8 am - 4 pm with the exceptions:
Constitution Day (June 5th)
Christmas Eve (December 24th)
New Years Eve (December 31th)



We don't have retail sale on the address.


You are welcome to contact Apodan A/S by calling or writing us using the contact info below. Click on a name to send an email to the person you wish to contact. 

Customer service

General: ks@apodan.dk  - Ph.: +45 32 97 15 25

Contact: Scarlett Schibsbye
Contact: Betina Mosgaard




CEO: Morten Lodberg Petersen




EA & Administration Manager: Cecilie Lodberg Bosse



QSHE & Logistics

Heine Dalsgaard






Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing Manager: Tina Lüchow Jensen


Strategic Advisor: Maria Lodberg Bosse


Product Manager, Compression, Zealand and islands: 
Pernille Krogh, RN
Ph.: +45 21 25 31 95
Office Hours (phone): Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, between 8-10 am.


Key Account Manager, Compression, Jutland and Funen: 
Gitte Yding Andersen, RN
Ph.: +45 28 30 96 57
Office Hours (phone): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, between 8-10 am.


Support, Compression, LymphaPress:
Vivi-Ann Mark
Ph.: +45 81 88 38 87
Office Hours (phone): Fridays between 9-14

Strategic Account Manager, Wound care products:
Tine Normann, RN, Wound Care


Key Account Manager, Wound care products: 
Tina Haugbølle Piihl, RN, Wound Care



Marketing : Annika Edfors Holstein