BagBath series consists of bed bath wipes and a hair wash


BagBath makes a difference

The skin is the body's largest organ and has multiple layers. The layer acts as a vital barrier and keeps a wide range of harmful substances and bacteria and allergens out.

Most soaps affect the skin's pH level, which for adults is normally in the range 4.5 - 5.5. Soap can leave harmful residues on the skin that can cause drying or degradation. Dry skin cracks easily, and thus the aforementioned foreign bodies have easier access to the organism, often leading to infection or eczema.

The skin's mild acidity is an effective antimicrobial barrier. It therefore uses a strong acid mantle which helps protect the skin.

BagBath preserves and protects the natural acid mantle and contains no soap, perfume or alcohol, and in fact contains relatively few ingredients, but these ingredients help restore the skin

Sensitive skin

BagBath cleans, restores and protects even the most delicate skin and with its mild and unique ingredients is a perfect, gentle product for sensitive skin.

BagBath contain vitamin E and vitamin B5 which acts as a softener and humectant, which keeps moisture in the skin, which in turn eliminates the need for extra lotion.

F68*, an FDA-approved surfactant, is used to reduce the surface tension of water in order to be able to cleanse the skin gently. F68 is a known skin and wound cleanser.

BagBath has been dermatologically tested at an institute in Brazil (test report can be obtained).

The story of the BagBath

Florence Nightingale (founder of modern, professional nursing) recognised in her lifetime the importance of hygiene in fighting the spread of infection. As a result of this she introduced a daily "patient bathing procedure", which remained virtually unchanged for over 150 years.

In 1994, nurse Susan M. Skewes, RN, developed a theory-based alternative method to a bed bath and this was the beginning of what we know today as BagBath®.

Since 1998 BagBath has been the most used bed bath system in Danish hospitals for washing and grooming of immobile patients or patients with special needs.

BagBath is one of the most thoroughly tested bed bath products on the market and has had several years of studies.


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* Dr. Rodeheaver announced at a symposium on "advanced wound care" in 1988 that F68 is as gentle on tissue as normal saline. ("F-68 has been identified to be as tissue-friendly as normal saline").