Staff - Key Personnel

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CEO: Morten Lodberg Petersen

Management Group:
Morten Lodberg Petersen
Heine Dalsgaard
Tina Lüchow Jensen

Customer Service:
Main  - Ph: +45 32 97 15 25
Scarlett Schibsbye: Scarlett Schibsbye
Betina Mosgaard: Betina Mosgaard

Sales & Marketing:
Product Manager: Tina Lüchow Jensen
Product Manager - Lympha Press: Pernille Krogh, RN
Key Account Manager - Lympha Press: Gitte Yding Andersen, RN
Key Account Manager - Wound Care: Lillian Enebakk, RN
Strategic Account Manager - Wound Care: Tine Normann, RN
Key Account Manager - Wound Care: Tina Haugbølle Piihl, RN


QSHE & Logistics:
Heine Dalsgaard

Finance mail